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As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone who came out to our recent show at E77. It was so nice to perform live music again! Many thanks to all of the small businesses and venues who kept the music going during lockdowns and no live music. Thank you to everyone who checked out our online shows. It was so great to play with my husband and son during those shows. Hopefully, more of that to come. And just plain thankful to be coming out the other side of what was in some ways a horrible and scary year, and other ways a blessed one. Looking forward to better days in 2022. Stay safe and Happy Holidays everyone!

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Carol Thomas & Jenny Van West return to E77!

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Espresso 77, 35-57 77th Street, Jackson Heights

Well, it's been a minute! After many, many months playing from home and jamming in our houses over Zoom, we're back! I'm psyched to be playing with my dear friend Jenny Van West.  Joining us will be Jason Isaac on percussion, Bill Bell on keys, and Paul Trust on bass. For more info, go to my website! Also, I have a few new videos on my YouTube Channel. Check them out, share and PLEASE subscribe :)

We hope to see you there! If you are on FaceBook, please RSVP to the event. And check out, like, subscribe, follow, etc... to my social media pages via the links below.

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