Carol Thomas - Singer-Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

CAROL THOMAS sings and writes from the heart. Drawing inspiration from everything around her, she is as much Radiohead as she is Nina Simone. She embraces her roots yet refuses to be bound by them, and that's what is most satisfying about her work. She creates memorable, soulful, genre-bending music presented with honesty, passion, and a badass set of pipes.

As the singer/songwriter/guitarist and driving force behind NYC funk-rockers One & Twenty, Carol traversed the East Coast music scene leading a rotating collection of top-notch musicians including John Hickey (George Clinton, Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors); Mike Bloom (Rilo Kiley, the Elected); Jon Chazen and Matt Iselin (Wigjam); and Matt Turk. Highlights include: sharing bills with Jeff Buckley (during her stint with Matt Turk), Toshi Reagon, Antigone Rising, Fighting Gravity, Once Blue and Patti Rothberg; an acoustic tour of London venues in 2004, and being a finalist in the 1998 Lilith Fair Talent Search (Antigone Rising won that year). Since 2003, Carol's been a solo artist sporting a more stripped down sound where her powerful voice and words shine.

In 2001 and 2002, Carol was one of the main organizers of Ladyfest East; a 4-day, multi-venue, multi-media event dedicated to promoting and encouraging female artists. The event beneficiary was the Lower East Side Girls Club. Carol has been a member of ASCAP since 2000.